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Launch Pad

The Self Belief Launch Pad is designed to help underrepresented young people access fulfilling careers. Jamal knew that Self Belief is one of the foundational skills that young people can develop to unlock their potential, which is why we have partnered with companies across a wide range of industries to offer paid internships, apprenticeships and mentorships.


In partnership with leading homeless charity Centrepoint, we’re launching our first Self Belief Sanctuary in West London this year to support young care leavers at a critical transition point in their lives.

The number of young care leavers facing homelessness in England has risen 33% in the last 6 years*, showing a concerning rise in housing insecurity for young people, an issue Jamal was deeply passionate about.

As a resident at the Sanctuary, young care leavers (18-24 years old) will be given single occupancy en-suite rooms for a minimum of 1 calendar year, during which time they will receive additional support from The Self Belief Launch Pad.

Our sanctuaries will provide safe, sustainable and supportive housing for 18-24 year old care leavers to support their mental health and empower their journey into employment via The Self Belief Launch Pad.

*Latest figures from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) show the number of 18-20 year old care leaver households in England facing homelessness has risen from 2,790 in 2018-19 to 3,710 in 2022-23.


In 2020-21, local authority spending on young people’s services in England decreased to £379m. This represents a £llbn cut in young people’s services over the last ten years and a 74% drop in investment in young people. We’ve seen a direct correlation in the rise of mental health issues and violence in young people.

To combat this we’re currently fundraising to build the very first Self Belief Community Hub, a safe space for people to gather, get creative, and connect with one another. The Hub will provide opportunities and equipment for the community to explore their creativity, learn from industry-led workshops, as well as developing critical life-skills including finance, nutrition and wellbeing.

On-site facilities will cater for breakfast and after school clubs while a soup kitchen will feed the vulnerable in the community. The Hub will also house a library of things for the community to share and swap items with one another.

Or contact us to discuss sponsoring spaces in the hub as we bring this exciting Self Belief vision to life.