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The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust (JESB) supports the causes that mattered most to Jamal. He was passionate about empowering underrepresented young people and providing the next generation with life skills and opportunities to maximise their potential.


Jamal Edwards MBE, was a pioneering entrepreneur who spotted a gap in the market for original music content and then created an award-winning digital platform for undiscovered musicians called SBTV. He started filming his mates on his West London estate with a video camera given to him for Christmas by his mother Brenda.

This soon extended to estates across the UK. Artists including Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Dave and Jessie J all launched their careers on SBTV.

As a young man growing up, Jamal felt the music he wanted to listen to wasn’t represented in the mainstream media. Jamal embodied a Self Belief mantra which for him was about not being afraid to try new things. One of his sayings was “It’s not impossible. It’s I’m possible”.

Jamal was passionate about helping the young and underrepresented. He listened and addressed their mental health concerns. They were always at the forefront of his mind especially at Christmas when he would volunteer at homeless shelters to serve and mentor young people.

Jamal’s “Oomph” moments included getting 100 million views on SBTV, being included in Forbes ’30 Under 30’ and being awarded an MBE for services to music. In 2022, Jamal’s mother Brenda and his sister Tanisha launched Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust to continue Jamal’s vision of unlocking purpose in young people through Self Belief.

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